Saturday, May 18, 2013

lucia's glamping party! ♥

Hi everyone!  Last night I had a party! I was so excited to have a glamping party! What's glamping ? It's a little diva..camping! :)  here are some great ideas for your next glamping party..


and why not camp indoors! Here is a supercute idea!

we did our little divas do..♥
 for the food we had, ants on a log, (celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins)
for dinner.. pigs in a blanket, mini hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls!
and dirt cups for dessert..
plain chocolate Jello pudding (no cool whip or cookie mixed in) and crushed up double stuffed oreos on top. And gummy worms for the topping!
and for drinks bug juice in supercute mason jars.. its just lemonade..but a cute camping idea!

and you have to have smores!
                                   why not a diy smores bar ..with pink marshmallows.. supercute!


we roasted our pink marshmallows indoors by the fireplace...because that's what little diva's do!

here is a fun craft! personalized pillowcases everyone can make their own, to take home, using fabric paints!


and now it's time for light's out, after all we are still camping under the stars..right?


hope you enjoyed my glamping party!

                                                  xo xo         



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