Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Fun! Beach Party! & What's In My Beach Bag! ♥

Summer is here and I love it! Warm days, tanning, best friends, here a few of my  tips for summer fun! ♥

I was so excited when OMGirls magazine approached me to write an article about summer fun! It's only my fave magazine! 

So I am so excited I am invited to a cookout party on the beach with my friends. So I thought I would show you some fun ideas for summer beauty and  things to take along the next time you have a party or just a day at the beach! 

First let's start with what to bring here are some of my favorites that I love to put in my beach bag..♥

Tanning Lotion- I use Maui Babe Tanning and Browning Lotion you can get some And it smells like chocolate! yummy!  This is essential for spf protection and a awesome glow! 

Surf Spray- After all a girl needs to have her hair look good right?  I use Bumble and Bumble you can buy this at Sephora It's perfect for that beach swept hair!

Water- I love Vita Coco Water it tastes so yummy and is perfect for those summer hot days at the beach! You can get some here 

Snorkel Mask- You have to have a snorkel mask it's fun to check out the underwater world! I got mine here 

Underwater Camera- I love taking pics while I am at the beach of my friends, of sea life, underwater and this is perfect because it won't get ruined. I got mine here they come in awesome colors and styles! You can get your's here

Hungry? but want to stay healthy, try bringing these supercute fruit kabobs to the beach! Got this recipe from my step aunt Kira, shes' the European Cutie click here for her recipes!

Summertime Healthy Fruit Kabobs ♥

Ingredients ♥

your fave fruits

Directions ♥

Just stick everything on a skewer and there you have a healthy treat that's good to go to the beach! 

There you have it perfect things to bring for a day at the beach! don't you just love summer? ♥

You can get creative and have fun colored zinc lotion like I have, supercute right? buy it here

                                                 Me and My Bffs..just another day at the beach......


                                                                      ♥      Lucia 

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