Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Us Performing Arts Camps ♥

Hi everyone! Can you believe that summer is almost here? That means camp for me, but not the roughin it camp, but the fun performing art camp! I want to tell you about a great program Us Performing Arts Camps 

I love this program, it's a great way to be a little diva! You know I love that! It let's me explore my creativity in acting, dance, film and media, and musicla theater! 

What do you get when you sign up you ask? Tuition includes:
- An intensive experiential program of at least 30-40 hours of studio work and rehearsals.
- Housing and meals, unless otherwise specified.
- Guest speakers, field trips, and screenings related to the camp.
- Round-the-clock supervision. (Campers are supervised at all times. The staff lives in the residence halls with the campers, and joins in all their evening activities.)
- A US Performing Arts T-Shirt and a Certificate of Completion.
- All camps present a "work in progress" at the Certificate Awards Presentation on the last day of camp. Parents and friends are invited!

So what are you waiting for sig up here..Camp Sign up 

To find a location near you click here Camp Locations 

What are you waiting for? find them on Facebook here Us Performing Arts Camps

And follow them on Twitter here Us Performing Arts Camps 

How awesome right? 

Don't you dream of performing, dancing, and overall having fun? I do and I also brought you a diy supercute nail design so you can feel fabulous when you go! 

What you need:

Base color
Glitter polish

Clear top coat

Step 1: Choose a base color

First begin with a solid base color. We recommend painting two coats to achieve a vibrant, saturated color.

Step 2: Add some glitter!

When applying the glitter, start by spreading a thin layer from the middle of your nail up to the top. Gradually build up layers of the shimmery polish as you reach the tip to give a gradual effect.

Step 3: Finishing touch

To ensure your festive fingers will hold up through a  dance party, seal the deal with a clear top coat.

There you have it suoercute right? ♥

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